Ordering and Payment

Account Questions

1: How do I log in my account?

sorry, currently, our site do not support account function, so you can not log in it, and anything you want to operate, pls contact us here, we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Order Status Questions

1: Can I view my order history online?

yes, once your order is completed, you will get a notification from our store by email, please check your email box, open that email, and click" view your order" to see it.


2 : How do I cancel my order?

since you do not have your own account at our store,
please Contact Us with an order id ( #xxxx) to speed-up order cancellation processing.
and note: please contact us with the email that you place order 


3: Can I change my shipping address?

Please Contact Us immediately if you need to change the shipping address on an order that has already been placed. We will cancel your order so you can re-order with the correct address. Please be advised that some orders are shipped very soon after placement and it will not always be possible to cancel the order.

Checkout Questions

1:My credit card was declined. What should I do?

If your credit card is declined while placing an order, it is your financial institution that has rejected the purchase. Please contact them for resolution and try placing your order again. Another solution is to open a PayPal account and use that when you place your order.


Payment Questions

1:What forms of payment does store.aftership.com accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal as options for payment. For credit card payments, please note that the provided billing information must be a 100% match with the information on file with your credit card company. If you are having difficulty using a credit card to order because the information does not match, please use your PayPal account.


 2:Does store.aftership.com bear duty tax if it is generated?

We do not bear the duty tax, pls kindly pay it. thanks for your understanding.


3: Is it safe to use my credit card on your site?

Shopping at store.aftership.com is safe. store.aftership.com has verified already. store.aftership.com is protected by SSL encryption technology to keep your personal information secure.